Active Volunteers and Supporters

Below are volunteers who continue to be active in our efforts.

Honorary Board Members
Dr. Kate Meurs, Ph.D., DVM, ACVIM (Cardiology)
Dr. Renee Riepe, DVM, ACVIM (Cardiology)

General Administration
Shauntay Burris, Director
Desiree Bobby, Founder

Website Administration
Stephanie Field

Clinic Administration
Amy Kalani 
Amanda Weber

Hairy Hearts
Cheryl Kerr


Clinic Hosts
Brooke Arnold - Missouri
Chris Makl - Michigan
Amy Kalani - California
Cassandra Kluke - Ottawa, Canada
Dawn McGrath - Alberta, Canada
Janik Ouellet - Quebec, Canada
Marlene Wacker - Ohio, Pennsylvania
Amanda Weber - Seattle

Sphynx HCM Database 

Wil Olfers - Dutch Database


Other Supporters

Melanie Manson - Sphynx Wear
Melanie and Doug Bickle - Logo Design