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My boy Moe is a wonderful little guy, full of personality and so much love to share. He has a heart big enough to love everyone he meets and is always happy to sit in your lap or lay next to you. Moe was diagnosed with a murmur when he was taken to be neutered, had a scan and it turned out he has HCM. I had inquired about adopting Moe before I knew there was an issue, but it changed nothing for me or my desire to make him a part of my family. We adopted Moe as a "special needs" kit and have never looked back.

A couple times a year we take him to see Dr. Riepe, to make sure his heart function is still as close to normal as it can be. Those echos are so vital to early detection and proper treatment of this condition. He takes medication twice day, not always happily and goes about a pretty routine life. During his last check-up and re-scan, Dr. Riepe was very excited and happy with the condition of Moe's heart: No murmur or enlargement!

Just like any other cat he plays hard, sleeps most of the day and LOVES his people. Moe truly is a joy to me, his bigger than life personality could win over just about anyone. We feel "special" with Moe being in our lives and a part of our family.

- Anita
- Anita