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Bogart came home to live with us in August of 2009 at the age of seven months. He was our very first sphynx. We fell in love with him so quickly, we soon decided to bring another boy, Reggae. The two at bonded and we felt blessed.

At Bogart’s one year exam, Dr. Sherwood heard a murmur and we were referred to Dr. Riepe for an echocardiogram. Dr. Reipe preformed an ultrasound on Bogart's heart and confirmed our fear that Bogart was indeed positive for HCM. Dr. Reipe also informed us that Bogart's heart rate was high . He was prescribed Atenolol . Since this time, we have regular check-ups and have made adjustments to his medication. At this point in time Bogart is responding well to treatment and is thriving! We will continue to provide him with lots of love and the best care possible to ensure that Bogart lives a long, quality life!

When God created Bogart, he put a silly little curl on his tail that we put on special packages. He gave him big round soulful eyes and a silly little bottom lip. He gave him a heart of gold that loves hard and strong. He also gave him courage, courage to live and love to the fullest in spite of being diagnosed with HCM. Bogart is thriving! We believe in part because of wonderul care from Dr. Riepe but mostly because God hears our prayers and cares every bit as much about His creation as we do. I read a lot of the negative and scary stuff about HCM, I am saddened by all of the unkindness and anger amongst breeders over HCM. The truth is it can happen to anyone. Why not work together to find the cure? I am confident that would be Bogart's greatest birthday wish! His third birthday is coming up!

We are adopting two more sphynx very soon. One of them is a darling older girl who is quite related to Bogart. We know the risk, but are willing to bring her into our home and look forward to being greeted by the four when we come home from work at night. They have enriched our lives immensely.

- Judie and Mamie
- Judie and Mamie