Pooner Rogaine

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Pooner Rogaine was born June 9, 2009 and was diagnosed with HCM in June 2010 at the age of one year. He presented with a grade 6 heart murmur and regurgitation, the vet did a chest xray and his heart was already enlarged. Pooner was referred to a cardiologist that confirmed the suspected diagnosis of HCM. Pooner takes atenelol twice a day and is doing very well living with this ugly heart monster. At his last echocardiogram the intensity of the murmur had decreased and the regurgitation is less intense. The cardiologist is optimistic that Pooner Rogaine may live to be eight years old and we surely hope to have at least that many years with him.

Pooner Rogaine is a very sweet, well natured cat.

He loves heated blankets and beds as well as heat vents. In his spare time he loves to sunbathe on his window perch. He loves anything chicken flavored and is obsessed with trying to steal any food that contains pepperoni! He has proudly donated blood the the HCM research study being conducted by Dr. Meurs.

- Jana
- Jana