Urby AKA 'Bibi'

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Urby aka Bibi, history and love of my life! My very first Sphynx.
Urby just turned 8 years old! 8 years of happiness and love!
I fell in love with him, he was only 15 days ... I was looking for my first pet Sphynx, it was the best meet of my life! At 6 months I have castrated. Then a few months later, my Bibi to the desire to begin a great adventure, and become a Sphynx breeder!

Unfortunately at 3-year-old Bibi has been tested positive HCM, it was terrible news for me, the world collapsed on my heart ... but now, Bibi is still with us, he lives his life like any other cat, every night he takes his two drugs and every day to spend with him is a victory! We continue to scan his heart, for now remains stable. Both parents are HCM tested negative, a further proof that nothing is ever, and we must scan, scan and scan! And please, are honest with all! Since I have begin my breeding, my priority is the health; everyday I live a fight with the HCM, Bibi gives me the force I have! I must make that for him and for all Sphynx!

Bibi is our King, our mascot!
Bibi, I love you so much !

- Amelie (Belgium)
- Amelie (Belgium)