Partner Cardiologists

Dr. Renee Riepe - Veterinarian Cardiologist
Oakland Veterinary Services
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Hairless Hearts could not exist without Dr. Riepe and OVRS.  She is responsible for the scanning of over 100 sphynx and is our liaison to the Sphynx HCM genetic research being currently performed by Dr. Meurs at WSU.

"Regular" Price for echo: Approximately $280
Discounted HCM preventative scan for sphynx: $125* (does not apply to referred, possible affected cats).
*The discount is currently given for ALL sphynx. Data sharing via PawPeds is voluntary.  
(248) 334.6677

Dr. Eric de Madron - Cardiology Specialist
Alta Vista Animal Hospital
Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Madron has been a veterinary cardiology specialist for 21 years and is dedicated to helping the sphynx breed. With a significant sphynx population in Canada, we are honored to have him as part of our HCM scanning program.

Discounted Price for HCM scan for Sphynx for Particpants in the Pawpeds Health Program: $100*
"Regular" Price for echo and consultation is approximately $600 
(613) 731-6851  
*Please email to set up an appointment if you would like to participate in the PawPeds Health Program.  
Hairless Hearts will help participants complete the necessary PawPeds form so the doctor can record the heart meausurements and have the data submitted to PawPeds.