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The miraculous ability of cats to treat people has always been talked about – and there is probably no such person in the world who would not have heard about it. Scientists from all over the world have been conducting experiments and research for many decades, which eventually helped to understand this amazing phenomenon.


Jade, a graduate student from  State University in the field of Biology, conducted an interesting experiment for the sake of her master’s thesis on the influence of cat purring. The researcher invited 20 people: 10 girls and 10 young people. The experiment went like this: first, people had their blood pressure measured, and it turned out to be too high for all of them (at a norm of 120 mmHg, the girls had about 126, and the boys had 155). Next, each participant of the experiment was included in the headphones recording of cat purring, and the computer screen displayed frames with the image of cute cats.

After the cat show, the indicators of young people have changed. The pressure of the girls dropped to the norm by 6-7 units, and the guys decreased by only 2-3 units. But the heart rate stabilized in each subject.

An important caveat: improvements will be observed only in those people who love cats. Those who do not like these pets will either remain at the same blood pressure and heart rate, or will feel negative emotions and will only make themselves worse.

The range of cat rumbling varies from 20 to 150 Hz, and each frequency affects the body in one way or another. For example, one frequency is suitable for the treatment of joints, another accelerates the recovery processes of the body and even helps to heal fractures, the third acts as an analgesic for all types of pain.

The young researcher does not intend to stop there. So far, she has proved that listening to purring and seeing cats positively affect the overall background of the cardiovascular system.

In 2008, ABC News wrote about a number of curious studies related to cats. So, scientists from the University of Minnesota Stroke Research Center examined 4,435 people aged 30 to 75 years and found that people who had never kept cats were at risk of death from cardiovascular diseases by 30% more than current or former cat owners. And the risk of death from a heart attack in people without cats was as much as 40% higher!

Lead researcher Adnan Qureshi believes that it’s not so much about the superpowers of cats as about people’s attitude to purrs. If a person likes these animals and feels positive emotions from communicating with them, then recovery will not take long to wait. Qureshi is also sure that almost all cat owners are calm, unhurried and peaceful people. The absence of severe stress and the presence of a fluffy antidepressant at home contributes to the fact that a person is less susceptible to a number of diseases.

Is it true that cats treat

Treatment methods that cats use
In the arsenal of our pets there are several ways in which they can alleviate the condition of their beloved owner.

Kotofei continuously purr on inhalation and exhalation with a frequency of 20 to 150 Hz. This is enough to speed up the process of cell regeneration and restoration of bones and cartilage.

The normal body temperature of cats is from 38 to 39 degrees, which is higher than the normal human temperature. Therefore, it is only necessary for the cat to lie down on the sore spot of the owner, as he becomes a kind of “living hot water bottle” and the pain passes over time.

Static electricity that occurs between the human hand and the cat’s fur has a beneficial effect on the nerve endings of the palm. This has a positive effect on the condition of the joints, helps in the treatment of chronic diseases and women’s health problems.

The joy of communicating with a charming pet acts on a person as an antidepressant, relieves stress and soothes. And all diseases, as you know, are caused by nerves.

Is it true that cats are treated?

Of great importance is how the cat is treated in the family, in what atmosphere the pet lives. If the tailed one is offended, poorly fed and disliked, he definitely will not have the desire to help the owners. But don’t put too much hope on your four-legged friend. A cat in the house is, of course, good, but you should receive quality treatment exclusively in hospitals. And a purring pet can help you get better as soon as possible. This is already quite a lot!

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