Our Mission

Hairless Hearts is a group of dedicated Sphynx pet owners, Sphynx breeders and veterinary cardiologists, who will work diligently and harmoniously for the future health of the breed.  Hairless Hearts has two goals:

1. Minimize HCMs impact on the breed, the cats and their people by:

  • Partnering with board certified cardiologists world-wide for affordable HCM screening.
  • Cooordinating and hosting HCM clinics where needed.
  • Increasing contributions to the Sphynx HCM Databases.
  • Increasing the percentage of Sphynx cats that are properly registered by educating pet owners and breeders on the necessity of having pedigree information included in the screening results submitted to the Sphynx HCM databases.

2. Coordinate efforts to share data and participate in research by

  • Creating more connections between world-wide cardiologists and Dr. Meurs’ Sphynx HCM research.
  • Support www.pawpeds.com by increasing the number of world-wide partner cardiologists approved to submit pedigreed HCM scan data.
  • Provide current information on Dr. Meur's Sphynx HCM research and how breeders and pet owners can particpate.
  • Building a support network with other breed specific HCM awareness organizations through "Hairy Hearts."