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This is the story of Ghandi.

For my 21 birthday I rescued Ghandi from a Grimm life in a cage. He was filthy dirty with infected paws after being declawed when we first met. He snuggled up in my arms and head butted me it seemed he knew that I was there to help. After a bath and some tlc he won over everyone in my house. We all fought about whose bed he would sleep in. Six months later I found him cold on the floor and rushed him to the emergency vet in our area. His intestines had become twisted and required immediate surgery. He recovered well but after the surgery we were informed he had a severe heart murmur. We spent the next two years together symptom free and completely in love with this little guy. He came down with what we thought was a respiratory infection this past July but was I fact CHF. We drove 2 hours to a cardiologist who diagnosed him with late stage HCM. We battled the disease giving 5 medications every 12 hours for the last 5 months. On December 1st things changed, he became withdrawn and stared at me with those big green eyes. He was done fighting and although I wasn't ready to let him go I helped him cross the rainbow bridge. The amount of love that I have for this little guy is endless, now I realize that we both rescued each other. I love you and il miss you always.

- Taylor
- Taylor