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benjamin2Note: This was written when Benjamin was still with us. He crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago now.

This is Benjamin. He is only 2 years old and has been diagnosed with HCM and a total of 5 different heart conditions. I even have the diagram that the doctor gave me on the first scan (attached) with explanations (an additional murmmer was found on the second check up, only 3 months apart).

Ben originally came from a great breeder in Switzerland, but his second home here in Palm Springs, CA did not suit him (the owner was a Devon Rex breeder and her Devon's didn't like him AT ALL, maybe they knew something before the rest of us did?)

He was scanned in Switzerland, also nutered and they didn't "find" anything wrong, his CA mom only had him for a few weeks and he seemed perfectly healthy, so she had no cause to scan him at that time. His Swiss Mom says that his line has been clear for 5 generations... looks like be got all 5 generations worth in one unfortunate dose.

He came to me in January 2011 and i took him to the vet within 4 days of owning him, because i just wanted to know he was healthy (or in my case not), and that is what a good mom does.

The vet took a 3 second listen to his heart and stopped. "I am sorry to say, but he has the WORST heart murmmer i have EVER heard". Next stop was the cardiologist... They were almost giddy with excitment, as they had not really come across a sphynx so young that had so many bad heart conditions.

I could have given him back to the lady in Palm Springs, but knowing he wasn't happy there, and now knowing his true state of health, we couldn't just give him back. If anything,who would want to take him on with his condition? Well apparently that who... is me.

Ironicly, my husband has one of the same heart conditions as Benjamin, the doctors told my husband's mom that he wouldn't last very long, and here we are 36 years later. :)

The Cardiologist gave us an expected total of 8 years of life, however that would only be if he beat every odd out there and the medicine actually started to fix his heart. Not likely to happen. We are look at more like a good 2 years. Everytime his heart beats, it is working at least 10x harder than a normal heart should. You can actually feel it and see it in his veins...

Everyday with that creepy little hairless wonder is such a blessing. He makes me laugh everyday, and sometimes want to scream too! I wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Amanda Weber
- Amanda Weber