The Sphynx Cat HCM Databases

Increased accessible data and further research can help breeders make increasingly thoughtful decisions in their breeding programs.   Pedigrees and echocardiogram results are vital for HCM research and are valuable tools breeders use to help protect their offspring and the future of the breed.

To date, public reporting of HCM is varied amongst breeders and data is often not submitted to all of the Sphynx HCM Databases. Therefore, we recommend submitting all annual screening results and pedigrees of all breeders and pets to the 3 major Sphynx HCM Databases.

Sphynx Club de France / Chrisine Auverdin-Boulanger
To submit results and pedigrees, email:
The Sphynx Club de France have high standards for HCM testing and reporting.  There online database is a great tool to do HCM pedigree research.  HH submits all scans to this database.

Sphynx HCM Database / Wil Ofers
To submit results and pedigrees, email:
Wil has created and maintains a very popular and useful online HCM database.  HH submits all HCM scans to this databases.


Between efforts of Pawpeds, Dr. Riepe and other Pawpeds approved cardiologists, scanning results and associated ancestry information will be published about HCM scans performed through Hairless Hearts.
You must use this form and here is a list of participating cardiologists: